It is always wise to protect your motorcycle, boat or RV with proper insurance but the State of Utah requires that you carry liability coverage at a minimum on these assets.
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What do Motorcycle and RV policies cover?
All of these policies cover liability to others. You can decide if you want coverage for damage to the asset. You can also add Underinsured coverage, and Personal Injury Protection. As you never know what might happen while on the road or the water, we highly recommend that you carry Underinsured, Uninsured, and Personal Injury Protection coverage.
Motorcycle & ATV policies are quite similar to an auto policy. If you carry comprehensive and collision coverage you are protected in the event of an accident or if you lay your bike down. These policies will also cover losses in the case of theft or vandalism. Additionally, you may want to consider coverage for your saddle bags and accessories in case they are damaged or stolen.
Boat Insurance doesn't just cover boats; it also covers wave runners and jet skis. Whether you are on or off the water, a boat owner's policy will protect you in case of theft, vandalism, or fire. Some policies can even cover a break down on the water. A boat policy can also cover personal effects that may be on the watercraft at the time of an accident. 
Whether you have a motorhome or a pop-up trailer, you'll want to protect your investment. RV policies can be tailored to meet your needs. Policies typically cover theft, fire, breakdown, and even damage while stored.

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Although Deseret Insurance Agency ("DIA”) is a separate and distinct company from Deseret First Credit Union ("DFCU”) the two companies share the common goal to provide first-class services to you.  However, DIA and DFCU are separate legal entities and neither is responsible for the products or services offered by the other.  Additionally, Insurance products offered by DIA are not a deposit, they are not federally insured, they are not obligations of DFCU, they are not guaranteed by DFCU, and they are not sold by DFCU.

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